Rare Honey Of The World

In this topic, I explore some of the rarest honey of the world and give you an interesting inside look at how they are produced, harvested, and used by the people who know it. I give you background information about the plants from which the nectar or honeydew is collected and the nutritional, healing, and magical properties the honey has.


Bee Magical

Ancient magical practices about the bees from all over the world, beefolkore of different cultures, and myths and beegods and goddesses are shared in this topic. Learn how the bees saved the whole world of gods and man more than one time or how man used a crazy loud noise for making sure to catch bee swarms in the medieval time.


Bee Around The World

In this topic, I share my adventures I have while traveling around and visit all kinds of different beekeepers and beekeeping cultures. Also, I give stories about beekeeping culture I learned about in my bee research.


The Lives Of The Bees

Ever wondered how it goes with the bees and the flowers? Let me answer this and give you an inside look into the life of bees. Don’t worry, it won’t be like one of those boring educational films you know back from school. I’ll try to keep it fun and easy. So, if you want to find out about how bee vomit got a loved food and what it’s all about with the exploding penises in the mating process of the bees and other crazy stories, then this is the place for you.


Bee Culture

Did you know that some of our modern words have their roots in beekeeping? In this topic, I give you information about the secret role of the bees in our everyday life. Also, I share fascinating facts of the normal modern beekeeping and all the stuff that doesn’t quite fit any other of the topics. Worthwhile historic bee stories are also in this category.