Welcome to Barefoot Bees. This is the place for honey-sweet wisdom and knowledge about bee-related curiosities such as bee magic, bee mythology, ancient bee rituals, bee folklore, fun bee facts, bee stories, bee culture, and rare, healing, poisonous, or intoxicating honey.

This project has just started recently and is maintained as a hobby. So there are only a few articles ready to read yet. I try to put up a new article at least once a month on every first monday of a month. Feel free to come back again once in a while, when there is even more to discover. 


Who’s writing?

My name is Fabian Kalis and I run a small and traditional apiary in a rural area in central Germany. I’m also an ethnobiologist and nature experiential educator. For over ten years now, I have been fascinated by bees. And for almost the same time I’ve been walking barefoot in everyday life. Even when working with my bees. Hence, the title Barefoot Bees.

I am most interested in the ethnozoological research of the honeybees where I investigate ancient magic, rituals, folklore, myths, culture, and of course the rare honey of the world (including healing, poisonous and intoxicating ones).

Some of my research has been published in my book „Berauschende Bienen“ which unfortunately is only available in the German language yet. I also write articles for magazines and my German nature blog. Currently, I am working on more book projects since there is so much more to share about these subjects.


What you’ll find here

Here on this blog, I will post articles (and sometimes videos) about fascinating bee-related facts & curiosities. As you may have guessed by now, English is not my native language, so there will be mistakes here and there. But I think the fascinating facts I want to share are worth telling anyway.


What you can do to help this project grow

I am always interested in learning more fascinating facts & stories about bees. So if you happen to know an interesting and not well-known bee story yourself or have a special bee-related subject or place to show me, feel free to tell me or invite me for a visit. I appreciate every hint and am curious to explore unfamiliar bee-related places, apiaries, and ancient and traditional beekeeping techniques from all over the world.


You’ll find more about me, my work, and my projects on my main website: